Carpe Diem

Yes I know I am touching on a very old, but frequently forgotten term: carpe diem. It means “seize the day.” Thats exactly what this world does NOT do. As society has been infiltrated with scum, hate, disgust, late appointments, delayed flights, heartbroken individuals, we forget. Forget to remember. Forget the things that really matter. They don’t have to be monumental or extremely important. The things we barely notice or never take time to notice.

These certain things we sometimes take for granted or even dismiss as “childish.” Even “old-fashioned.” For instance moments that only last a second, or a minute, we forget. Its lost in the chaos in which we live.  Then we complain why we don’t have this or why it has to be that way, etc. We don’t take time to notice those moments that change a person’s life without even being noticeable to that person, at first. Time will take its course and that moment will become noticeable, hence we make a memory of it.

Some memories we take for granted or some we ponder forever about. Just always remember them. Never forget.


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