Feelings are such dynamic emotions that people have suddenly have hidden what a feeling is.  Because they are afraid of what other people might think.  Feelings are supposed to reveal yourself, right? Think about it. Whenever we have certain feeling of love, hate, kindness, etc our body subconsciously emits it to other humans and those humans pick up on that certain feeling. So why is it that people decide to try to hide those feelings?  When I have emotions I tend to let that emotion out and let it roam as it is.  A feeling is very organic and natural; if we disturb it or alter it, it loses its meaning therefore is gone.  But if we let our emotions run free, some people don’t know how to control them. If we learn to let our feelings adapt to us and not let them out of control we can take the full meaning of that feeling. Sometimes feelings get the best of us that we HAVE to express them one way or another and sometimes that scares people away.  Why?  Because that person let that feeling scare them away.  Its much like fear, if you keep fearing fear it will overwhelm you.  If you take that fear head on, it will diminish. Also, when we show our true feelings to someone we usually don’t let those emotions adapt to the other person.  When they feel the same emotion you feel, that’s when we truly connect with people.  It becomes dominant.  We feel what they feel. Feelings aren’t as complicated as you think.


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