Mind over Matter or Matter over Mind?

We seem to think a lot about how events, instances, emotions, etc affect us. Sometimes we feel that it could all be in our head.  Many people may say “mind over matter.”  You should also think that what goes through your mind, matters as well.  It’s kind of a paradox in a sense.  I like to dissect different ideologies and talk about them, because it increases my awareness of that topic.  I’m not saying I know everything, but I make a conscious effort to become knowledgeable so when an individual approaches me I can then learn from them and they can learn from me.  The magnificent thing is we never stop learning.  Unless we choose to.  Some people believe that learning stops after college or even high school.  Personally, I have found it very helpful to appreciate everything that I learn about because it increases my overall knowledge.  In turn, I can help other people increase their awareness in whatever topic they choose.  It is symbiosis in a sense.  I have realized that sharing a conversation with someone is an epic learning experience.  I think that we need to allow our minds to “matter” what we think.  In the end, we will be a much better society if we truly allow one another to learn from each other and each individual’s experiences.


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