Mind vs. The World

We welcome our mind vs. the world.  Our individual mind is one of the most powerful things.  We don’t realize that it is connected to the world even though we think individually.  It is a paradigm shift in my opinion.  I think we as individuals live in two dimensions even though we see things in three dimensions.  We have our subconscious life and our conscious life.  It is amazing how many times we often try to meld the two together.  Our subconscious mind is the world, our world.  Our real mind is our perception of that subconscious world.  We must connect to our fellow people as one.  Our minds are so powerful we do not give it the benefit of the doubt.  We do not use it to its fullest potential.  We write as if we are blogging individually but in reality we are blogging as one unit.  We just don’t see it that way. When I blog, I feel like I am part of something greater.  A bigger connection than just myself typing on a keyboard.  I wish that people all over the world feel connected when they write because then our minds can become one.  The opportunity to write is a magnificent one. We should use it to our advantage.


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