Perception.  How does it relate to the world around us?  Well, what is perception?  In my own words, perception is how an individual takes in and reacts to the environment around them.  This can directly or indirectly influence our behavior.  Its amazing that all the information we receive, regardless of what it is; is processed by our brain.  We take it for granted but our brain is an amazing machine.  Billions of computations all synchronizing messages, information, and most importantly, perceiving all of that data.  Take an example of color.  Someone tells you that the sky is blue so you inherently “know” what the color blue is from what has been taught to you.  What if what you perceive as blue is red for someone else?  We cant dismiss that notion because someone else’s answer to that example is also perception.  So we go on to say that perception is justified by fact.  A fact is something that is proven with experiments and studies of what we, you got it.  Perceive.  Its a mind bending idea but EVERYTHING is perceived right down to the very thoughts we have.  Just some food for thought I wanted to share with the world. But again, its only my perception.  Cheers!


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