This may sound crazy but I would like to spend some time dissecting the idea of a relationship.  What do you think about when you hear the word relationship?  Well, the first part, relation, is two people relating to each other.  This is simple to understand.  The second part, ship, can be interpreted differently.  I kind of view it as being similar to an actual ship.  Bear with me, my explanation will clarify a lot of the possible confusion.  I view a ship as a mechanism, something that drives an object or in the literal case, a steel structure.  But, lets look at it in a figurative sense.  The “ship” part of relationship is the mechanism on which the relation of the two people are based on or structured around.  Just as a ship adapts to conditions while at sea, a relationship is also changing as well.  Well what about if the ship is docked?  A relationship can be docked in a sense if you think about it in term of recharging your batteries so to speak.  Also, just as a ship goes through waves of ups and downs, so does relationships.  Obviously, the idea of a relationship has multiple factors to consider, but in the general sense you can see my curiosity with the origin of the idea.  What are your thoughts?


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