The Journey

Journey is a strong word.  When I think of a  journey, I think about a long, extensive, epic, quest of sorts.  Now that could be taken literally or subjectively.  Many times a person will have a journey through life.  Some may even think that their life is a journey in a sense.  Personally, I think of journey and how it relates to relationships.  Just like every relationship is different, so is the journey.  You may have read my previous post about relationships and my views on that so just to continue on that notion:  A relationship is a relation between two people with some sort of mechanism driving it, just as an actual ship has cargo or objects and has a steel structure on which that cargo travels.  Lets take it a step further.  A ship has a destination, yes?  So does a relationship.  We may not know where that destination is or when we will arrive there, but a relationship takes a journey to get to that destination just like a ship takes a journey on the seas to get to its destination.  My journey is always changing, always adapting.  I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.


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