Did you Know?

That microwaves can interfere with online downloads and bandwidth speeds?  I realized this as I was making some hot chocolate in the microwave while simultaneously downloading a game off of steam.  I saw that when the microwave was on, the bandwidth went to zero and when the microwave stopped, the download picked up again.  I think it has to do with some sort of interference between the wifi and actual microwaves that the microwave emits.  Interesting, I am going to look more into it.


“Learn by communicating and by communicating you give so much back to the world.”

The Journey

Journey is a strong word.  When I think of a  journey, I think about a long, extensive, epic, quest of sorts.  Now that could be taken literally or subjectively.  Many times a person will have a journey through life.  Some may even think that their life is a journey in a sense.  Personally, I think of journey and how it relates to relationships.  Just like every relationship is different, so is the journey.  You may have read my previous post about relationships and my views on that so just to continue on that notion:  A relationship is a relation between two people with some sort of mechanism driving it, just as an actual ship has cargo or objects and has a steel structure on which that cargo travels.  Lets take it a step further.  A ship has a destination, yes?  So does a relationship.  We may not know where that destination is or when we will arrive there, but a relationship takes a journey to get to that destination just like a ship takes a journey on the seas to get to its destination.  My journey is always changing, always adapting.  I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.


This may sound crazy but I would like to spend some time dissecting the idea of a relationship.  What do you think about when you hear the word relationship?  Well, the first part, relation, is two people relating to each other.  This is simple to understand.  The second part, ship, can be interpreted differently.  I kind of view it as being similar to an actual ship.  Bear with me, my explanation will clarify a lot of the possible confusion.  I view a ship as a mechanism, something that drives an object or in the literal case, a steel structure.  But, lets look at it in a figurative sense.  The “ship” part of relationship is the mechanism on which the relation of the two people are based on or structured around.  Just as a ship adapts to conditions while at sea, a relationship is also changing as well.  Well what about if the ship is docked?  A relationship can be docked in a sense if you think about it in term of recharging your batteries so to speak.  Also, just as a ship goes through waves of ups and downs, so does relationships.  Obviously, the idea of a relationship has multiple factors to consider, but in the general sense you can see my curiosity with the origin of the idea.  What are your thoughts?

Carpe Diem

Yes I know I am touching on a very old, but frequently forgotten term: carpe diem. It means “seize the day.” Thats exactly what this world does NOT do. As society has been infiltrated with scum, hate, disgust, late appointments, delayed flights, heartbroken individuals, we forget. Forget to remember. Forget the things that really matter. They don’t have to be monumental or extremely important. The things we barely notice or never take time to notice.

These certain things we sometimes take for granted or even dismiss as “childish.” Even “old-fashioned.” For instance moments that only last a second, or a minute, we forget. Its lost in the chaos in which we live.  Then we complain why we don’t have this or why it has to be that way, etc. We don’t take time to notice those moments that change a person’s life without even being noticeable to that person, at first. Time will take its course and that moment will become noticeable, hence we make a memory of it.

Some memories we take for granted or some we ponder forever about. Just always remember them. Never forget.

Mind over Matter or Matter over Mind?

We seem to think a lot about how events, instances, emotions, etc affect us. Sometimes we feel that it could all be in our head.  Many people may say “mind over matter.”  You should also think that what goes through your mind, matters as well.  It’s kind of a paradox in a sense.  I like to dissect different ideologies and talk about them, because it increases my awareness of that topic.  I’m not saying I know everything, but I make a conscious effort to become knowledgeable so when an individual approaches me I can then learn from them and they can learn from me.  The magnificent thing is we never stop learning.  Unless we choose to.  Some people believe that learning stops after college or even high school.  Personally, I have found it very helpful to appreciate everything that I learn about because it increases my overall knowledge.  In turn, I can help other people increase their awareness in whatever topic they choose.  It is symbiosis in a sense.  I have realized that sharing a conversation with someone is an epic learning experience.  I think that we need to allow our minds to “matter” what we think.  In the end, we will be a much better society if we truly allow one another to learn from each other and each individual’s experiences.